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Spanlace is a unique material that is produced using a special technology for tight joining of threads without adhesive additives. The composition of the canvas includes polyester and viscose natural fibers. The optimal proportion of these components allows you to get chemically pure non-woven material with a lint-free structure.

Spanlace is ideal for use in the medical field, where the convenience and safety of products play a paramount role. Obstetric, surgical, dental kits, operating and bedding, absorbent diapers, napkins, sheets and towels, as well as special protective clothing for doctors, patients and staff are made from non-woven fabric.

The material does not attract dust; after sterilization it does not lose its original properties. It may be hydrophilic or hydrophobic depending on the method of weaving the fibers and composition.

In addition to the medical field, the canvas is used in cosmetology, car services, any industries with high requirements for cleanliness during the production process.


Spunlace non-woven material, thanks to a special technology of fiber bonding with high-pressure water jets, acquires unique properties, including:

  • Hygroscopicity. Absorbs and holds moisture and liquid components well. Thanks to their absorbency, spunlace products can replace traditional cotton wool and gauze.
  • High degree of breathability. The canvas is characterized by the highest rate of breathability among other non-voluminous non-woven materials. It perfectly passes air, provides ventilation of clothes.
  • Lint-free structure. During surgery, the pile is a potential threat to the patient. Particles that constantly move in the air are capable of carrying bacteria. This increases the risk of infections, and therefore the structure of the fibers without lint is primarily a guarantee of safety.
  • Hypoallergenicity. Upon contact with the skin and mucous membranes, the non-woven material does not cause allergic reactions.
  • Strength and elasticity. Spunlace is a thin, but durable, tear resistant fabric. The longitudinal plexus of fibers gives it elasticity, the transverse – additional strength.

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