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Almost daily, we hear about environmental issues. But few people think that around the clock on guard of our health to protect against harmful effects are fabrics for filtering. Almost any industry in its activity uses filtration processes, whether it is the filtration of solutions and suspensions into components or the purification of air and gases. Food, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical … you can list for a very long time.

In our assortment, filtration fabrics of any level,

from ultrafine cleaning to coarse filtration.

The list of materials for air and gas filtration:

  • Lanit 500,
  • Filter diagonal,
  • Filtering,
  • FPP,
  • FRNK,
  • Cloth Shatura,
  • Sintenit,
  • THFL,
  • TLF-5,
  • TLF-5-1.

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