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Not a single type of activity, be it an office or industrial premises, can do without maintaining cleanliness. A cleaning lady with a wooden mop and a rag of unknown origin is a thing of the past. More and more enterprises are turning to the services of cleaning companies. A modern approach to cleanliness and cleaning dictates the use of appropriate technologies and materials.

The cleaning material for wiping machines in the engineering workshop, cleaning the office with expensive furniture and parquet flooring is fundamentally different.

Our company is ready to offer fabric for cleaning any purpose!

Fabrics for concrete and asphalt floors: linen burlap.
Materials for office floor coverings (tile, laminate, parquet, linoleum): netkol, container fabric, technical canvas stitching napkin, batting.
Fabrics for the care of equipment, machines, machines – waffle cloth, stiff calico, madapolam, calico, gauze, technical napkin, rags, knitwear, rags of putanka, rags hpp. Materials perfectly remove moisture, remove dry debris.

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