Spit Shine Man Goods

Jaunty, Rakish Menswear

Lady Tie-Maker. Can’t Dance. Drinks Whiskey

I just like a sharply dressed man…

There’s no simpler or more profound explanation than that.

It started as a curiosity-driven hobby, and blossomed almost immediately thanks to a creative and artfully-minded groom. Now all I want to do is put ties on you.

Spit Shine Man Goods was born for a man’s desire to polish not just at formal occasions, but in everyday life, as well. I relish the opportunity to adorn the men around me in textures and colors and patterns so fetching they can’t help but immediately be tied on.

The Spit Shine Family stretches near and far–guys slinging pizza, pouring wine, shaking cocktails; guys walking down aisles, guys molding the minds of America’s youth. And this lady tie-maker is honored to have every single one of them in a Spit Shine Man Good.

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