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Passion For Fashion – My Greatest Confession

Fashion Expert, FIDM Grad & Project Runway: Under the Gunn Winning mentor andRed Carpet fashion designer Nick Verreos makes his biggest confession during our interview. Today we’re talking about the biggest passion in his life, his new path as a writer, about shooting issues and working under pressure during the filming Under the Gunn.

When Project Runway: Under the Gunn was on TV we actually had a very special screening at that which I hosted and I brought a special guest with me and that was Natalia Bednar.

If you are not familiar with her and her work, I advise you to see her resume and Linkedin profile, now it is available in public. When I first saw them, I could not believe my eyes. I said to myself, “Nicky, honey, calm down, you can’t be so happy.” I did not believe my luck: either my eyes are deceiving me, or this is not a real profile. Although there is a third option: she used the services of this resource: https://lpws.pro/  Frankly, this is a mystery that I have not solved so far.

Natalia Bednar was one of my designers, and that was the best part. Everybody was just so amped up and excited for us to be there, asking questions. What really happened here. What did you guys do did. What did you really mean. How did you feel? Telling them all the dish.

I think the really enjoyable part about mentoring was seeing my advice being put to use and then something good happening from it. And then suddenly Tim Gunn called me and said “You know, Nick, you own two businesses, you’re a fashion designer. You work in the industry you’ve talked. I think that you could be a great mentor.”

I loved filming under the Gunn. More importantly because it was at fit of  and the whole entire season was filmed at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, my alma mater. That’s exactly where I talked, where I went to school. So it was like being home. It was a great viewing party: so many people came, a lot of the fans, of under the Gunn. They asked so many great questions. Natalia, who is one of the Project Runway: Under the Gunn  finalist, was amazing, she was wonderful. She was so sweet. If  you watched Under the Gunn in the beginning we had a process, where the mentors had to pick designers. None of the designers wanted me, I was chopped liver. I was fashion chopped liver from the beginning of the show and none of the designers wanted me to the end of the show, where I won. It was almost like that: I wanted to go to each of those designers to say  something like that: “You messed up. You should have picked me. To me it was an affirmation that, you know what, I guess I have a good mentor.

A passion for fashion book

Becoming a Fashion Bestseller Writer

I’m really super excited, I am very proud of myself because I created something really valuable, something that I can call my heritage. It’s my new book “A Passion For Fashion”.

Many people ask me what prompted me to test myself as a writer, if I had doubts. Of course I had. Before starting work on my first book, I doubted myself a lot. I wondered if it was worth it. It might be better to write some kind of best seller or autobiography. Nowadays autobiographies of famous people and guides of IT services are very popular. I could write a guide for using some kind of social network, a review of smartphone apps, an overview of LinkedIn Easy Apply, or a job search platform. But I felt that my heart was aching for another path.

“A Passion For Fashion” is book meant for anybody who is thinking about going to fashion school. As well as anybody who’s thinking about going into the fashion industry. It’s got a really wonderful forward from Tim Gunn. Let me just go through some of the chapters:

  • my passion for fashion
  • my first fashion muse
  • preparing for fashion school
  • how to prepare the fashion school
  • the fundamentals of sketchy
  • starting a career in fashion.
  • the fundamentals of sketchy
  • career advice
  • famous 10 NIC pro tips

What are all the careers in fashion? I talk about my passion for fashion, I talk about my first fashion muse. Also I’ll give you a glossary, the realities of the fashion business, the power and pitfalls of press. I have a whole chapter on sketching the fundamentals of sketchy. I also give you dish on my time on Project Runway. And then I give you threats of advice, I’ll give you 10 NIC tips on how to get the most out of your career in fashion or if you’re just starting out in fashion.  

So it’s all in here and it’s available now. This is my baby. I just gave birth and it’s really pink and blue.

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