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2020 trend: Normcore style – fashion to be unfashionable

This trend will appeal to those who do not want to bother with clothes. But the “normcore” style has its own characteristics. The term “normcore” originated in America and is translated as “ordinary, unchanging,” that is, it is a kind of “antimode.”

Since the 1990s saw the rise of various fashion trends, the normcore arose as a kind of counteraction force. On the one hand, adherents did not want to stand out. But, on the other hand, they wanted to be heard.

With the help of simple things, the youth of the 90s wanted to stand out from the colorful fashion of the late 20th century. Marketers picked up the idea of ​​reviving the normcore style, as simple things were easier to sell. Many famous people became followers of the normcore style, such as Steve Jobs, who constantly wore black turtlenecks and jeans.

Normcore Origins

New York Magazine published an article in which it outlined a new style that emerged among young and independent New Yorkers – Normcore.

The essence of the normcore is to stand out without standing out. New coolness – in simplicity, in a calm attitude to oneself and self-irony. You finally acknowledge the existence of the crowd and accept it. Dressing like millions of people, you are no longer afraid to be like everyone else, because in reality no one is like everyone else. You dress without thinking. Not wasting time or money. You’d rather sleep longer than three hours you will figure out what to leave the house.

The simplest blank clothing comes to the fore. It doesn’t matter where you got it from: bought it at a sale or just left in someone’s sweatshirt with an accidental home after party. Everything is athletic, careless, street. Simple things familiar from childhood inspire: leggings, crop tops, baseball caps, sneakers, gym shoes, homely windbreakers, turtlenecks, sports socks, flip flops, slippers, hoodies with zippers, sweatshirts, fan baseball caps, tourist t-shirts, nameless jeans. Everything that is the past generation of “game”, which the normcore came up with an eye on the 90s. In a word, what difference does it make to go for a walk or jump through garages – it will definitely be something that is not a pity to throw away and what will be convenient.

In an era of instability and crises, the emergence of a normcore looks logical. The fashion industry is stamping trends with lightning speed, there have been too many fashion lately. Normcore offers freedom from her and advocates for reasonable consumption and savings. Normcore – about a normal healthy attitude towards oneself, others and clothing. This is a fashion for the lack of fashion, when you no longer need to prove anything. Normcore suggests that everything that used to be taboo (sandals with socks, workouts) is no longer taboo. It’s up to you to decide what is taboo and what is not, аnd not Anne Wintour.

One of the first normcore began to use in the filming of London-based stylist Alice Goddard, collaborating with i-D, Clash and Hot & Cool magazines. She was the first to show how, using a minimum of funds, to make a maximum. She uses simple cheap t-shirts, jackets from Portobello Market, plain-looking skirts, panamas. Thus proving: cheap does not mean bad. However, Alice went even further: for Hot & Cool magazine, instead of street style shooting, she collected screenshots of American streets from Google Maps with ordinary people whose style (or rather, its absence) inspires her.

Of course, the fashion industry quickly responded to the new trend. We see cozy pajamas, flat shoes, sweatpants in the collections of even brands such as Lanvin, Marni sandals and visors, Prada sandals and knee-high socks, slippers on fur and ridiculous mittens MSGM and Acne in the new fall-winter collections of the coming season. Today, Chanel reacted to the trend head on and staged a show at the supermarket.

So, a pure normcore is shown by the Hood by Air brand, which seems to be completely free from stereotypes. Normcors showed at New York Fashion Week Marc by Marc Jacobs and Tommy Hilfiger. Elements of the normcore are constantly involved by the French designer Simon Port Jacques, who, by the way, dresses himself on the normcore. They use white socks, sneakers and baseball caps in every show, showing fashion in an ironic and realistic manner.

Normcore 2020 style includes:

Simple basic t-shirt

You may have a great many of them, but everyone will think that you walk in the same one.


Simple sweatshirt with pockets in front.


This detail should be classic without any fashionable “gadgets.”


Plain plain turtleneck without branding. At least no one should know who the manufacturer is.


Basic comfortable shoes – sneakers or sneakers. This summer, designers actively proposed to include crox in this list.

Baseball cap

As a headgear, followers suggest wearing a neutral-colored baseball cap.

Linen suit

If you need to comply with the dress code, then a free linen suit is just in the style of normcore.

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